Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку в 6 классе "Snоw Queen" («Снежная королева») 2016-2017

Опубликовано: 16:41:24 29-01-2017

Автор: Юсупова Диана Мудисеровна


            Snow Queen - Вика
            Kay - Аким
            Gerda - Даша
            Granny - Сабина
            Raven - Кирилл
            Prince - Илья
            Princess - Оля
            Gangsters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – Дима, Влад, Даниил, Егор, Вова
            Gangster-girl - Кристина


Snow Queen (смотрится в зеркало): All the people are merry and happy. Christmas is coming. Children are singing and dancing. But I am so lonely in my palace. I’ll do some magic. (колдует, и ломает зеркало)

Granny: When it snows like that people say Snow Queen is arriving to look around her kingdom.

Gerda: She might be very beautiful. But she is so cold, her heart is ice. I am afraid of her.

Kay: You are a silly little girl. Look, I’ll open the door and go out. I am not afraid of anybody. (уходит и возвращается в странном состоянии)

Granny: What happened to your eyes?

Kay: There is something like a piece of glass but it doesn’t hurt. I can say I even enjoy it.

Gerda: But it’s awful to have something in your eye. Can I help you?

(Кай смеется и убегает)

Granny: People say it is a piece of Snow Queen’s mirror that makes a person heartless. Maybe Snow Queen has taken him.

Gerda: But I want Kay to be here. I’ll do my best to bring him back home. I’ll go and take Kay from Snow Queen.

Granny: It’s rather dangerous. Be careful, please. Bye, Gerda, dear.

Gerda: Bye, Granny.


Герда не может найти Кая, затем засыпает. Появляется ворон.

Raven: Why are you sleeping in the royal park, girl? I guess little girls should sleep in their beds like our princess.

Gerda: I’m looking for a boy with blue eyes. His name is Kay. Do you know him?

Raven: There is a boy in the palace who looks like that. He is a prince. He is so handsome and smart that our princess fell in love with him at once. Maybe it’s your Kay. You may go and look for yourself.

Gerda: May I? Thank you. You are so kind.

Ворон и Герда отправляются в замок к принцу и принцессе.

Prince: How are you, my dear?

Princess: Not well, thanks. It’s such a boring day.

Внезапно врывается Герда.

Gerda: Excuse me, can I ask you? Kay, do you remember me? I’m Gerda, your sister.

Prince: Who are you, girl? I’m sorry, but I don’t know you.

Princess: Who brought that little girl into the garden?

Gerda: It is my fault, princess. I’m looking for my brother Kay. Snow Queen has taken him. Nobody can help me. (плачет)

Prince: It’s a pity but I’m not your brother. How can we help you?

Gerda: Can you show me the way to the kingdom of Snow Queen?

Princess: Yes and we will give you a nice fur coat, a fur cap, a pair of warm boots and mittens. And you won’t be cold when you visit Snow Queen.

Gerda: Thank you a lot. You are very kind. Goodbye!

Prince and Princess: Goodbye, Gerda.


Герда встречает бандитов.

Gangster1: Stop! Hands up! Such a pretty fur coat! Let me see your pockets. They are full of gold!

Gangster-girl: I hate gold! I hate fur coats! I’ll take this girl to play with.

Gangster2: You will tell me stories all day long. If you cry, I’ll kill you with my big knife.

Gerda: You may kill me right now but I can’t stay with you. I’m looking for my brother Kay. Snow Queen has taken him to her ice palace and I want to save him. Can you show me the way to her palace?

Gangster3: Sh…Snow Queen is a great magician. If she gets angry with us, she will bring a snowstorm and we’ll catch a cold.

(Бандиты все кашляют)

Gangster4: I want to play with you, little girl. What is your name?

Gerda: Gerda. Take my fur coat and high boots but let me go. I want Kay to come home.

Gangster5: Nobody can fight Snow Queen. She is so powerful. But you are so brave! Go away and good luck!


Snow Queen: Would you like some more ice-cream?

Kay: No, thanks. I don’t want any.

Snow Queen: Would you like a pair of new skates or the magic mirror? There you will see the secrets of the world.

Kay: What’s the use of them if you can’t be happy.

Snow Queen: If you are sad, we’ll play an ice ball.

Kay: Boring!

Появляется Герда.

Snow Queen: Who let you in?

Gerda: Oooooh! Kay!

Kay: Who are you, girl?

Gerda: I’m Gerda. I have been looking for you everywhere. Let’s go home!

Snow Queen: Kay enjoys the beauty of my country. He is staying here. But you, girl, go away!

Gerda: Let me say him good-bye. Do you remember the blue sky and the bright sun? It’s summer now. The birds are singing and there are a lot of flowers in our garden. Don’t you miss them?

Kay: I miss flowers and the bright sun. I want to go home with you.

Snow Queen: Wait! You will be a prince! You’ll get everything you want!

Kay: But my only wish is to get home. How cold is here. Hug me, Gerda. I’ll get warm.

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